Thursday, June 18, 2009

Viva Iranians!

"At each rally people arrange the next time and place...
Sometimes ghalamnews confirms,
we use telephone and even make lots of copies of the arrangement and spread it on the streets!!! They are the most primitive ways but it works...

you don't believe how big these crowds are, and how good you feel walking along with the people who are ready to protect you in anyway,
those who are just like you.."


  1. The media in the US occasionally suggest that this coordination is done via Twitter. Not so? Useful for reporting what happened?

  2. Hi Rigged

    Thanks for all the updates. You're doing a great job.

    Sleepless In US

  3. tanyarr,
    Twitter is filtered in Iran (like many other websites) and internet access is now very limited anyhow. The coordination in Iran is really not done via Twitter.

    But Twitter has made it possible for Iranians to show the world what's really going on. That's very important.

  4. thanks to all of you! You're really doing a great job, I'm with you in Germany!