Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Human Rights: At Least 19 People Were Shot Dead & Several Dozens Wounded just in Tehran Demonstrations on Saturday 20 June 2009

Young Student, Neda, who was shot dead by a Basiji militia hiding on a nearby rooftop

Iran Human Rights, June 21:
Despite the warnings by the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, thousands of pro-democracy Iranians went into the streets in Tehran and other Iranian cities today. Demonstrators were met by thousands of security forces and paramilitary Basidj militia.

According to sources in Iran more than 19 people were shot dead and several dozens wounded by the shots fired at the demonstrators.

Unofficial reports say that at least 150 people might have killed in today's [20 June] Tehran demonstrations.

Some reports say that snipers shot people at the lower parts of the body and some of those wounded were taken away in Basidj vans to undisclosed locations. According to our reports, there have been protest demonstrations in other Iranian cities such as Shiraz and Isfahan.

Another disturbing report from "Human Rights Activists in Iran" said yesterday that the phone lines of Tehran’s Evin prison were cut off while many of those arrested last week were transferred to this prison.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights asked the world community to show clear support for the pro-democracy movement in Iran and condemn the Iranian regimes use of violence against peaceful demonstrators.

He said: " World community must not recognize Ahmadinejad as the president and send clear warning against extensive use of violence against defenseless protestors who are demanding their legitimate rights".

Source: Iran Human Rights Website (

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