Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letter from Tehran

"This is not about Mousavi, but about people realizing that they are not followers like a herd of sheep that goes anywhere it is summoned to go..."

June 18. 2009

The events of the last couple of days have been so moving that I haven’t be able to digest it all yet. Life was already fast and hectic enough in Tehran where we wouldn’t have time to get to everything, now after 3 PM everything comes to a halt and based on a collective agreement, we all leave our houses or daily routines and head towards downtown without any transportation! Believe me that every day we leave the house, we are not sure if we will make it back. Some of us like me and my family and our close friends who are among the crowd every day worry even more and each night after the rally we keep calling each other to make sure everyone is back home safe and sound.

During the rallies we see such variety of bitter and sweet incidents that it gives us material to think about for months to come. We come across small kids, men and women over 75 years old, people from all walks of life. Today I saw a blind young man accompanied by his father, many people with broken limbs, blued eyes, and many who carry the pictures of those killed in the events which breaks your heart. Many people distribute drinks and refreshments to protesters, some wave hands from the windows of their houses showing their green ribbons, and all of this, in an unbelievable moving silence.

Remember when in middle school as a composition homework, we had to write about “Imagine you could see the seed of people’s hearts.” Today these green ribbons have become those seeds. When you see them you get energized, and feel that you are all one. Cheating these people is worse than any crime and it is such a loss to waste all this hope and energy. I hope we make something good out of it. I have to add that what you and other Iranians outside of Iran are doing to support us is really warming our hearts. We are sure what you are doing is very effective. When they ask all foreign reporters to leave the country and when all of the communication channels are disconnected, it is your voice that takes our voice to the outside world.

Many criticize us and wonder what does Mr. Mousavi have that is so special? They argue that after all he is one of the many in that corrupt system of the Islamic Republic and will never act against it. My argument is that this is not about Mousavi, but about people realizing that they are not followers like a herd of sheep that goes anywhere it is summoned to go. They will know that the individual will does matter and that their actions can be effective and can speak louder than any specific person; this to me is the most important aspect of these events. Now either Mousavi or anyone else who will end up in power, they will have the understanding of what people want and what they are capable of, and how they can voice their requests. This is the significant and important step and now that Mousavi has chosen to go ahead, we will support him.

I had so much to tell! It is so good talk to each other.


  1. Your protest is playing out like a beautiful poem. The world watches in awe.
    - Lo from Texas

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  3. Luv u guys. Keep up the good work but ALWAYS take care of yourself first. Without you we have nothing.


  4. Please know that there are millions of us in America - Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Atheists -- who are watching intently at what is evolving in Iran. We are so proud of your bravery during this dangerous and exciting time of change. Your willingness to fight for your personal and political freedom reminds us of our own history which we too easily forget now that we have grown used to the easy lifestyle provided by our ancestors.

    The fact that you risk your lives when you step out the door to join in the protests is enough to make us think twice about what we take for granted, and may even make us feel ashamed at our easy lives we have been born into.

    But most of us are also children and grandchildren of foreigners who have settled here after centuries of hardship, and we remember our own family histories in your struggle. So, in place of shame, many of us feel brotherhood with all of you in Iran, whatever country we may come from, and hope for your safety and your success no matter what we call God, or even if we believe in God at all. Because we are all brothers and sisters, and all come from the same source.

    Be brave, be safe, be victorious!

    Allahu Akbar

  5. I am writing from Germany, the last days we all here are following the happenings in iran.
    I just translated this letter into german and published it in my weblog, which tries to spread more information about the happenings in Iran (! Please know that in thoughts we are with you and we try everything to support you! We are proud of your braveness! Please go on fighting for the iranian people and humanity!

  6. Last year I have been to Iran with my partner, coming from Iran. I have met so many, many wonderful people and I felt that the system must change in the nearest future. That it would happen so soon, I did not expect. In my prayers I am with all of you and everyone from heaven, I pray to, to protect you. This is the only thing I can do, but I am sure that you will not be alone in your fight. I have no words for my deep, deep respect I have for all of you. Since days I am wearing a green shawl, it is nothing compared to your engagement. But it makes me feel connected to the wonderful Iranian people to send them every minute good wishes and the divine blessings.

  7. As a Persian living in the US, it has been inspiring and distressing to watch the limited media coverage of the demonstrations in Iran.

    Inspiring, because so many people, young and old, are finally demanding their country back from an oppressive and barbaric regime; risking their lives doing so.

    Distressing, because of the indiscriminate beating and murder of innocent Iranians, who are peacefully expressing their frustrations, by the thuggish Revolutionary Guards and the spineless Bassiji.

    I must admit to genuinely feeling a great deal of shame and guilt for not being in Tehran to join and support the demonstrations.

    I am full of admiration for you and others for finally, and bravely, letting this corrupt and immoral regime know that it is finally on notice.

    Please be safe and know that you have the full support of genuine Iranians all over the world.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. My Iranian brother...sister...father...mother...I just read your blog sitting in my home in Stockholm and feeling such an envy that Im not there with you so i too could go on the streets and fight your struggle against this tyrannic regime.

    Ive been living here now since 20 yrs back, but not one day has passed without me or any other Iranian I know of, not dreaming of returning to a glorious free Iran.

    What you guys are doing has once again blossomed the hopes in our hearts and made us proud to be Iranians.

    Remember that by doing what you do not only will you forever be remembered in peoples minds but this will also echo in the afterlife and forever set an example for all dictators and bloodthirsty rulers.

    With your actions and braveness you have made the world open its eyes and listen to your screams of freedom and democracy and you have made it clear to the oppressors and everyone else that you are a free people and you want tolerate any more tyranny, silencing of your voice and quench for freedom and that you are not afraid of death and that freedom is something that every human is entitled to and nothing that can be taken from you!

    May God be with you during these destiny deciding times.
    We here abroad will do everything to help and make the world hear your oppressed voices!

    With love....AZADI and FREEDOm will come soon to those who deserve and will it!