Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robert Fisk: Fear has gone in a land that has tasted freedom

"Please, please, keep the Basiji from us," one middle-aged lady pleaded with a special forces officer in flak jacket and helmet as the Islamic Republic's thug-like militia appeared in their camouflage trousers and purity-white shirts only a few metres away. The cop smiled at her. "With God's help," he said. Two other policemen were lifted shoulder-high. "Tashakor, tashakor," – "thank you, thank you" – the crowd roared at them.

Article: Robert Fisk: Fear has gone in a land that has tasted freedom


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  3. Lotafan taksir namaeed
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    I pulled these laws from the Islamic Republic of Iran's Penal codes and the constitution that holds "responsible" the president and the "government" for atrocities. It also provide the right of self defense if the government does not provide necessary protection. I will provide English version soon. These legal codes especially can be useful for those in Iran. The government and Ahmadinjad are supposed to uphold the laws not break them and that by itself is enugh grounds to impeach him during his current term.


  4. guys, beware of user "iran." Just saying, it could easily be a government agent looking for bloggers to silence.

    Its a damn gmail account, does not sound like a legitimate corporate news service to me. If anything, "" was created on the spot, for the purpose of tagging and bagging Iranians.

    Keep up your bullshit filters.

  5. Peace, Unity and Love to all those in Iran...

    Free Iran! Free the Iranian People!