Friday, July 10, 2009

What went wrong?

The biggest difference between a dictatorship and democracy is not how they oppress or respect their people. The biggest difference is in the magnitude of their mistakes. When you neglect huge portion of people who are mostly elite, then you may face serious consequences by underestimating their frustration and power.

Four days after the election, when Ahmadi Nejad was declared as a winner and people were in streets during day asking for their votes to be counted and shouting “God is Great” from rooftops at nights, “Alef” website which belongs to conservative MOP , “Ahmad Tavakkoli” wrote this “story”.

The short of it is, a person who was going to rooftop to shout “God is Great” missed one night of shouting because of a popular Korean TV series showed in Iran’s governmental TV!

As people continued to demonstrate and shout God is Great, Islamic regime took into custody more than 100 famous political activists, journalist, lawyers, etc…

As people took into streets again, the regime looked into his old playbook and tried to link people to BBC and VOA.

As people continued to shout God is Great, Death to Dictator from rooftops, now regime doesn’t know where to look at.

Yesterday demonstrations spread through streets of Tehran and other parts of Iran, without single statement from reformists’ leaders must have been a nightmare for the regime that doesn’t respect well educated, young and energetic Iranian people.

Regime has killed people, has beaten a lot of people, has taken into custody thousands of people, has shut down cell phones, SMSs, internets, has fired foreign journalists, and has closed down the capital for one week because of air pollution, what else they can do? The Islamic regime has wasted its resources too quickly, too prematurely.

People’s demands now is far more than recounting votes, re-election, etc… for the first time they have shouted death to Grand Ayatollah’s son in streets of Tehran. They are aiming at backbones of Islamic regime. This is the difference between a democracy and dictatorship. Things happen very quickly in dictatorship!


  1. Good job, I like it. The thing is we have to get the international community to put the pressure on every single aspect of this regim.

  2. Good job, but I am disagree with the first comments. Let's let the Iranian peple find their destiny, without international prusure on regim.

  3. please see my tweets on how to disrupt power supply, phone systems, and banking from earler today. And RT.

  4. Sorry missed the link to the tweets.