Thursday, July 9, 2009

We will make history.

In the past few days, the Islamic Regime has taken a lot of its own people as hostages, it has taken a young French teacher a hostage, it has taken Iranian eyes, ears and mouths as hostages. It has fired foreign journalists, it has warned UK and US about the so called “interference” and it has controlled all news papers, journals , most of websites and cell phones. It has mounted pressure on most famous reformists Mousavi , Karoobi and Khatami that they didn’t talk or send a message for the tenth anniversary of brutal attack on university dormitories and finally the regime threatened to demolish any protest by its “almighty force”.

The eve of July 9,2009 was the beginning of new chapter in Iran’s Green Revolution. Brave men and women went to streets of Tehran and other cities of Iran and shouted against the regime that becomes more brutal and wild on a daily basis against its own people.
As sun set in Iran, people have been beaten again. Bones have been broken but souls have been revitalized.

From this day forward:

- Each brave Iranian man and woman is a LEADER.

- His or her mind is the MASTER MIND of the Green Revolution.

- His or her breath is the OXYGEN needed for the movement.

From the eve of July 9, 2009:

- They will not wait for their leader to talk, they will walk themselves.

- They won’t wait for BBC or VOA to send their messages to the entire world, they will do it themselves.

- They won’t ask for support but they will oppose any government that makes deal with Islamic regime that doesn’t have a respect for its own people.

- They won’t classify themselves as Iranians inside Iran and outside Iran; rather they will fight together shoulder to shoulder in two fronts; inside and outside of Iran.

Together, united, we will make history.


  1. Excellent Manifesto! Let it become such in your movement, Iranians.

  2. The coming days will show if this is true, and how the regime will react to it, but in case that this is true the movement no longer needs a leader.

    Now every individual who wants change will lead.

  3. We have already made history. We documented our movement with our photos and videos. Now we need to make them read what we wrote. We have been chanting to their ears our Allah o Akbars every night. We showed them that we are neither frightened nor tired. We will keep signing to their ears till they get tired. We are many and they are few.

    "The best way to predict the future is to invent it"--Alan Kay

  4. The eyes of the world are watching. We see what is going on and we are as outraged as anyone in Iran. We see your courage in the face of threats which include imprisonment and death. Your freedom will come because you have shown willingness to pay the ultimate price for it. Soon all of Iran will know this, it cannot be kept from them no matter what the dictator Ahmadinejad does.

  5. You have made this moment in history personal to the world, even for someone on the other side of the globe. Thank you for including the rest of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, really.